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What’s happening in Texas?

This February, when Japan started getting in confusion, we were still living without feeling any differences. We knew and talked about the virus but didn’t have any lifestyle changes here in Texas.

On February 7th, fewer than 100 American citizens from Wuhan evacuated to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, which is a big city in Texas. They were required to be quarantined in the base for 2 to 4 weeks. Days after, some evacuees developed the symptoms and were confirmed positive in exams. Texans, especially those living in San Antonio, were freaked out. However, it didn’t cause panic or changes in living, because this was not community spread. As long as the patients are secluded, we’re safe.

The first case of the virus confirmed out side of the evacuees in Lackland was near Houston on March 4th. Since then, more patients started to be recognized in Texas.

On March 11, Wednesday, the WHO declared the coronavirus situation a pandemic. Also, president Trump announced limits on travel from most of Europe. In response, schools, companies and events here decided to shut down. I think this was the start of big changes.


How is the situation being handled?


Colleges stopped face-to-face classes and switched to online classes. Because most of the colleges already had the system to provide classes online, there didn’t seem to be much confusion about this transfer.

High school and under extended Spring Break. Some schools are considering providing assignments through the internet.

Day cares also closed. This is a pretty hard for parents who have to work outside of home.


Many companies have ordered or recommended their employees work from home.

On social network services, you can find posts with #WFH. WFH is short for work from home. There are adorable pictures posted of people working with their pets.
(SNSには、#WFHがついた投稿があります。WFHはWork from homeの略です。ペットと一緒に働いているかわいらしい写真が投稿されています。)

Even for people who can’t work from home, such as factory workers, many companies have guaranteed to give the minimum pay at least.

Merchandizing, such as supermarkets and online stores, are hiring people in order to handle panic buying. Also, some places especially medical buildings need more people to disinfect the area.


Major supermarkets, Target, Walmart, and HEB etc, have cut opening hours. The main purpose of this is to restock items.

Also, the quantity of specific items sold per customer are limited to avoid customers’ hoarding.

At my nearest Walmart, entrance staff were offering to disinfect the handle of the shopping cart with alcohol spray and wipes. Also, I saw that some customers were wearing face mask and gloves to protect themselves from infection.

They are trying to hire people temporarily as over night stockers in order to fill up the items on the empty shelves.


There are many restaurants open, but serve only to go or drive thru in order to protect both their staff and customers.

Social gathering places usually opened at night, pubs, bars, and theaters are closed until further notice.


In order to avoid spreading the virus, all visitors are asked questions, such as “Do you have a fever?”, “Do you cough?”, and “Have you gone to China recently?”.

They are canceling nonemergency appointments like annual checkups until the situation has calmed, so that they can decrease unnecessary visitors.

Dental clinics and others which don’t deal with emergencies, have reduced their services or are closed.


As social gathering places have shut down, gyms are no exception. Many have decided to close till April.

As compensation, some are providing online content to help their customers keep working out at home.




(written by Yona)





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